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More fun and less serious! RCR Khomenko is here to bring joy!


Witty and smart storyteller, the now iconic brand was established in 2011 by a young designer Yasia Khomenko. The brand has since had great success producing sophisticated and original clothes while aligning itself with a strong ecological manifesto. Nothing is being wasted in the production process, even the leftover scraps are being reused in creation of new designs. Since its establishment the brand has developed a significant following and made RCR KHOMENKO’s prints become recognizable and a synonym for fun all around Ukraine. RCR KHOMENKO customer is someone who doesn’t forget to have a little bit of fun every chance they get!


The printed faces in all shapes and colors communicate the whole range of human emotions that make the prints so personable and endearing for RCR KHOMENKO’s customers, and it is often that people build collections of sweatshirts in all colors to match every mood they might have woken up in that day.


Now as the world is coming out of the hard year of the pandemic and economic uncertainties it’s important as ever for RCR KHOMENKO to share all of its fun and kind spirit with the world. To bring color and joy to anyone who craves and needs it here and now!

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